HCPG’s Adventure Series Returns!

HCPG’s Adventure Series is Back! Join us on July 9th (rain date July 10th) as we venture out to Cambridge, MD. to photograph the stars! The Adventure Series will kick off with a Zoom workshop to teach the ins and outs of Astrophotography. The workshop date is June 27th at 7pm. We will then venture out to Blackwater Refuge at 8PM to shoot the stars. This shoot may last well into the night as the prime shooting time for the Milky Way is not until around 11PM-12AM! There may be an opportunity to meet earlier in Cambridge, MD. for dinner if enough people are interested.

Given the location and time of day of this shoot, please email us at HCPGLeadership@gmail.com if you are willing to carpool and/or split the cost of a motel room with another member. Please also indicate if you are interested in meeting in Cambridge earlier for a group dinner.

Motels with Locations in the area (Cambridge, MD. 21613) include: Holiday Inn Days Inn & Suites Oxford Inn The meeting place will be The BestPitch Ferry Boat Ramp. There is no street address, but inputing BestPitch Ferry Boat Ramp Cambridge, MD. 21613 into your GPS will work. More details will be given at the Zoom Workshop.

Right now, signup is limited only to pre-paid members, it will open to all members on 6/23/21. Please check our Meetup on that date for the general admission posting.

Click the link below to view the Pre-paid/Gold member signup for this event on Meetup.com.


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